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MI-1 Audio Interconnect Cable (Pair)

MI-1 Audio Interconnect Cable (Pair)

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Clear, Lively and Exciting

Our MI-1 interconnect is hand crafted from Mogami 2534 cable to gold plated Switchcraft 3502 RCA phono plugs with German-made WBT silver solder. This combination creates a cable with ultra-low noise, capacitance and resistance making it ideal for audiophile grade interconnects.

Originally designed for microphones used in recording studios, we have adapted this pro-grade balanced cable to be used with RCA phono unbalanced plugs so you can experience the highly sought after sound signature this cable is known for on both modern and vintage components equipped with unbalanced terminals.

The Mule MI-1 is designed to capitalize on the sublime sound signature of the Mogami 2534 and enhance it to produce a sound that is clear, accurate, detailed and exciting. Use with warm sounding components can achieve an overall balance in tone. Please note that there are many variables when factoring sound reproduction and results may vary. Cable length is measured termination plug tip to tip. Pair includes one right and one left cable.

Mogami 2534 Neglex Cable

Mogami 2534 Neglex balanced analog 24 AWG 4-conductor cable features stranded oxygen free copper, double connector quad cable, XLPE dielectric conductor shielding, and served (spiral) base copper shielding. Because of the high connectivity and low noise/DC resistance, this cable makes an ideal foundation for high quality audiophile grade interconnects, both balanced and unbalanced. Mogami cable is made in Japan.

Switchcraft 3502AAU RCA Phono Plug

Switchcraft 3502AAU is a high-quality 2 conductor shielded RCA plug with a copper alloy solid pin and solder cup on center. It features a pure nickel outer sleeve and handle along with a gold plated center plug. The contact resistance is rated under .002 ohms. Switchcraft plugs are made in the USA.

WBT Silver Solder

WBT Silver Solder is the highest quality lead-free solder available featuring 4% silver content. Because silver is a highly conductive precious metal, the use of this solder ensures that the full sonic potential is achieved when using the high quality cables and ends offered and constructed by mule audio. WBT solder is made in Germany.

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